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You can't tell just from the temp - cool water is capable of dissolving more oxygen ... but that doesn't mean that it will (or does).

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Q: What environment has the greater concentration of dissolved oxygen warm water or cool water?
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Which environment has the greater concentration of dissolved oxygen salt water or fresh water?

fresh water

how does temperature affect the concentration of dissolved oxygen?

Temperature has a direct effect on the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water. As the temperature of the water increases, the solubility of oxygen decreases and the concentration of dissolved oxygen will decrease. Conversely, as the temperature of the water decreases, the solubility of oxygen increases and the concentration of dissolved oxygen will increase. Additionally, warmer water is generally less dense than colder water, resulting in less efficient oxygen transfer.

For a fresh water lake to maintain a healthy 0.225 mM or higher concentration of dissolved oxygen required to maintain a healthy aquatic system what is maximum temperature of H20?

For a healthy environment, the temperature of a body of water needs to be inversely proportional to the concentration of dissolved oxygen in it. The higher the oxygen level, the temperature needs to be lower to promote fish growth.

Will the dissolved oxygen in the water be absorbed during digestion?

Dissolved Oxygen can diffused through the membrane in digestion system by concentration gradient however the amount absorbed should be minimal or negligible.

Which process will decrease the amount of dissolved oxygen that can be measured in a water environment?


IDLH environment is an environment considered to have less than what oxygen concentration?


Which contain the greater amount of dissolved oxygen a lake in the spring or a lake in the summer?

. Temperature directly affects the solubility of oxygen in water. When the temperature of water increases, a portion of oxygen converts from liquid state to a gas. Thus the ability of water to maintain oxygen in dissolved state decreases with increasing temperature. As a result, colder water can potentially contain more dissolved oxygen than warm water. Therefore, a lake in spring contains greater amount of Dissolved Oxygen than the same lake in summer.

Can you mix oxygen with water to make acid?

No. You would just get water with some dissolved oxygen in it. This dissolved oxygen is essential for most aquatic life. Acids are a variety of substances that will increase the concentration of hydrogen ions when added to water.

Is the oxygen level lower in the winter?

Air density is greater in colder weather therefore oxygen has the potential to be greater concentration. I would think anyway.

What is the relationship between temperature and dissolved oxygen in an aquatic ecosystem?

The colder the water, the more DO (dissolved oxygen) it can contain.

Normal ranges for dissolved oxygen test?

dissolved oxygen is dissolved oxygen

What is the oxygen dissolved in water is a?

The oxygen dissolved in water is a measure of dissolved oxygen (DO).