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What environmental problems do pigs cause?


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February 06, 2011 3:47PM

pigs amongst many farmed animals give off methane gas in there feces (manure) and methane is extremely good at trapping heat,it lets heat in from the sun but does not let it out. the pigs manure contains toxic compounds that seep into the water table witch is then in our tap water. how ever the manure is a good fertilizer and is full of phosphates and minerals that are good for vegetation.

If you have ever visited a pig sty or a pig farm and smelt that horrible odor well that is ammonia from feces and urine as well as hazardous viral and bacterial life forms all this seeps in to the ground into the water table and finds it way in to our drinking water sources. the C,F,C methane amongst one of them is all so highly flammable. cows are one of the worse polluters as they belch out enough methane in one day,just one cow,to fill 15x50 gallon oil drums per day so now imagine the whole worlds population doing that as well as pigs and other animals.