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The enzyme is called reverse transcriptase.

The class of HIV drugs that block this process are called reverse transcriptase inhibitors.

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2010-12-15 12:42:54
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Q: What enzyme turns HIV rna into HIV DNA?
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What enzyme is used by HIV to synthesize viral DNA from viral rna?

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a retrovirus. A retrovirus is a RNA virus that replicates through a DNA intermediate. HIV synthesises DNA from RNA by the action of reverse transcriptase enzyme.

What is Replication of an RNA virus?

You might be referring to the reverse-transcription that many retroviruses use (a virus with an RNA that turns into DNA). By using the enzyme reverse transcriptase, viruses like HIV can make a DNA from RNA template.

What enzyme does HIV use to stnthesize DNA on a Rna template?

Reverse transcriptase.

Which is the enzyme that HIV uses to synthesize DNA on an RNA template?

reverse transcriptase

Retroviruses such as HIV contains what enzyme that enables DNA to be synthesized from rna?

reverse transcriptase

What enzyme that HIV virus uses to copy RNA into DNA is called?

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What is rna polymerase play a role in the hiv infection?

RNA Polymerase is an enzyme that synthesizes the formation of RNA from a DNA template during transcription.

What is the enzyme that HIV uses to synthesize DNA on an RNA template - ligase - RNA polymerase - terminator enzyme - reverse transcriptase - or none of the choices are correct?


What enzyme transcribes DNA?

The enzyme that transcribes the DNA into RNA is called RNA polymerase.

Why does the HIV carry copies of reverse transcriptase enzyme?

to transcript the viral RNA into DNA so it can be implemented into the host cell's DNA.

Enzyme that allows the hiv rna to convert to dna?

This is reverse transcriptase. HIV drugs that block this part of the HIV lifecycle are called reverse transcriptase inhibitors.

What would the HIV viral sequence of AUCUU be converted to and by what enzyme?

The HIV virus is an RNA virus, so you know the sequence AUCUU is the RNA sequence. (You also know it is RNA because it contains uracil.) HIV is a retrovirus, so its RNA will be transcribed to DNA by the enzyme reverse transcriptase and then inserted into the host's genome. The RNA sequence of AUCUU would be transcribed to TAGTT.

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