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It is episode 200

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Q: What episode on DBZ gohan went to high school?
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What episode did Piccolo give Gohan clothes like his?

befor gohan went to fight cell

How old was gohan when he fought cell?

About 11 because when he went to high school he was 17 and it stated on "Gohan goes to High School" that 7 years pasted since the cell games. Also it said 11 years in the making when he first reached ssj2.

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What episode of Dragon Ball Z does gohan die?

well while in the future he dies when he goes to fight the androids. trunks said he was going with him but gohan went behind trunks and knocked him out so he couldn't come ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANSWER: I don't remember the exact episode, but in the future Trunks' old present, Gohan died to save him (Trunks) -- he knocked him out. (("History of Trunks Dbz Movie")) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gohan died when Kidd Buu destroyed Earth straight after he was brought back from Buu's body. ((This can't be proven because Gohan was never found in the afterlife before the wish. Brolly had a move as a baby to save himself from a planet's destruction maybe Gohan did too.)) It was when buu was revived in like episode 210-220.

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