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100 pennies, 20 nickels, 10 dimes, 4 quarters, 2 half-dollars, and a silver dollar

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Q: What equals one dollar?
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Related questions

1 dollar equals cents?

One dollar equals 100 cents.

What does 1 US Dollar equals to what in Italy?

one US dollar

How many quarters equal one dollar?

one dollar equals 4 quarters...

One US dollar equals how many quetzal?

1 US Dollar equals 8.31 Guatemalan Quetzales

What is ten percent of a dollar?

it equals 10 dollar cents or one Dime

10 coins that equal a dollar?

Ten dimes equals one dollar.

How many cents equals one dollar?

one hundred (100) cents equal one (1) dollar.

How many cents equals to a dollar?

one hundred

What coin equals one tenth of a dollar?

A dime.

What kind of money do people in The Bahamas use?

One Bahamian dollar equals one US dollar.

How much is one us dollar in Bolivia?

One U.S. dollar equals 6.7509 Bolivian Bolivianos

How much rupee equals to one US dollar?

There are 44.1 rupees in a U.S Dollar.

What does a dollar equal in chile?

One US dollar equals 476.8 Chilean Pesos.

How much is the rand compare to the dollar?

About 6 rands equals one US dollar.

How many zimbabwean dollars equals one us dollar?


How many US cents is equal to one dollar?

One hundred US cents equals one US dollar.

How much does one US dollar equal in Venezuela?

One US dollar equals 6.29 Venezuelan Bolívar

How many jenih equals one us dollar?


How many naira equals one US dollar?

1 US dollar = 117.29659665 nairas

How many Mexican pesos in 1 dollar?

one US dollar equals 10 pesos

What is the exchange rate for a dollar in Colombia?

one us dollar equals 200 columbian pesos

How many Brazilian reals equals one us dollar?

One (1) Brazilian Real is = 0,55 US dollar

What are one hundred of these in one dollars?

In American currency 100 cents equals 1 dollar.

Value of one dollar in 2008 and 1976?

$3.73 in 2008 dollars equals $1 1976 dollar

60 minutes equals one dollar what does 40 minutes equal?

2/3 rds of a dollar.