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I assume the question should be y = -2x + 5?

The equation of a line that is parallel to that line is any line that begins

7 = -2x ... after the -2x any number may be added or subtracted.

Parallel lines have the same slope. In the original equation, the slope is -2.

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What could be the equation of a line parallel to the line y equals 4x?

y equals 4x+1 is a parallel line to y equals 4x.

Which equation represent a line parallel to the line whose equation is 2y 5y equals 10?

When a straight line equation is parallel to another equation the slope remains the same but the y intercept changes

What is parallel to y equals 2x 5?

All lines that have the same slope are parallel to each other. To determine which lines are parallel to the give equation, you must first have to determine the slope of the equation. Notice that your equation is written in y = mx + b form, where m represents slope. In this case, m = 2. Any equation with a slope of 2 is parallel to your given line. For examples of lines that would be parallel, the following are all parallel: y = 2x y = 2x + 1 y = 2x + 2 y = 2x + 100

What equation represents a line perpendicular to the line whose equation is 2x plus 3y equals 12?

Rearranging the original equation, we get y=-(2/3)x+12. Since 12 is the constant, this is the point that the line of this equation will cut the y-axis if x=0. Therefore, -(2/3) is the gradient and for an equation to produce a parallel line, the gradient must be equal. Summing up, y=-(2/3)+c (where c equals any real number) would be parallel

What equation represents a line parallel to the graph of 2x - 4y equals 16?

2x-4y = 16 -4y = -2x+16 y = 1/2x-4 Any equation that has a slope of 1/2 but a different intercept of -4.

What is the c in e equals mc2?

The letter 'c' in that equation represents the speed of light.

What does 3k plus 16 equals 5k?

It represents an algebraic equation in the variable, k.

What is the slope of the following equation y equals 15 x plus 4?

The slope of the line that represents the graph of that equation is 15.

The line y equals -2.5 is parallel to what axis?

y=-2.5 is parallel to the x axis. The equation of the x axis is y=0

What is a slope of a line parallel to the line whose equation is y equals 5x 4?

The slope is 5. Parallel lines always have the same slope.

What is the equation of the line that goes through 3 1 and is parallel to the line 3x plus 5y equals 6?

Known equation: 3x+5y = 6 or y = -3/5x +6/5 Slope of equation: -3/5 Slope of parallel equation: -3/5 Parallel equation: y-1 = -3/5(x-3) => 5y = -3x+14 Parallel equation in its general form: 3x+5y-14 = 0

Which line is parallel to the line given by the equation 4x plus y equals 12?

4x+y = 14 will be parallel to the above equation because the slope or gradient remains the same but the y intercept changes.

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