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either an Beaker,and graduated Cylinder

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What is used for mixing liquids in a science lab?

The chemistry equipment used for mixing liquids is called a bottle.

What are dispensing valves?

Dispensing valves are in-line valves for on-off service in dispensing liquids from storage containers. Flow will occur when the middle of the valve is pinched and will continue as long as finger pressure is maintained.

What is the function of acid burette?

An acid burette is a glass vial with gradiation marks. It is used in the laboratory for accurately measuring and dispensing liquids.

What is the function of a dropping pipette?

use for dispensing drops or qualitative amount of liquids..

What piece of equipment is used to measure liquids?

A graduated cylinder.

Which liquid measuring device is most appropriate for dispensing liquids to infants?

An oral syringe

What scientific equipment is used to measure the volume of liquids?

beaker and cylinder

What equipment is used for transferring liquids into narrow mouthed containers?

what is science

What equipment is used as containers for observing liquids?

Test tube holder

Which equipment are used for handling and measuring liquids?

a liquid measuring cup

What lab equipment is used to drop small quantities of liquids into test tubes?

a pipette

How should you measure liquids by difference?

I am doing an NVQ in Dispensing can you help me please. I want to know how you should measure liquids by difference if they are 1, Flammable 2, Colourless 3, viscous 4, Volatile which one is it. I am doing an NVQ level 2 dispensing assistant course and the answer is 3, Viscous

What is the use of a pump?

Pump is a mechanical equipment used for transportation of liquids and slurries by mechanical means.

What equipment for measuring liquids?


How do you avoid contamination when dispensing liquids?

- using cleaned and dried pipettes- avoiding the contact of the pipettes tip with other materials

What is stirring rod?

A glass Stirring rod, is a piece of laboratory equipment. It is used to mix chemicals and liquids.

What equipment do you use to heat liquids?


What are droppers?

especially used for dispensing medications into the eye

What is another word for dispensing?

There are a number of different words that can be used in place of dispensing. These include giving, distributing, providing, outpouring and supplying.

What are the equipment for measuring liquids?

a liquid measuring cup

What equipment use as containers for observing liquids?


What is a leak test?

leak test equipment is used to measure the escape of liquids, vacuum or gases from sealed components or systems.

What are types of lab equipment used to measure liquids?

some things are and granulated cylinder and other things like and Becker

What products does the Measuring and Dispensing Pumps category include?

The measuring and dispensing pumps industry is comprised of establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing pumps used in service stations for dispensing gas, oil, and grease. This category also includes grease guns.

What is a polyethylene dispensing bottle used for?

It is used to deliver small volumes of liquid at a low pressure.