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You need needles sewing machines and materiel's of clot all the time. All the best who want to be designers

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Q: What equipment do fashion designers use?
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Do fashion designers use geometry?

im not a fashion designer but im guessing that fashion designers do use geometry when they are sowing clothes or designing them

What tools do fashion designers use?

A few tools that fashion designers use are:sewing machinesergerneedlesthreadfabricscissorsseam ripperpinspin cushionmeasuring tapepencilssketch padscomputerCAD program / fashion design softwarecamerapattern cutting machinewoolsilkglitterbeadsmirrorsmakeuppatternfabric

Which fashion designers are know for their use of vibrant colours?

There are many fashion designers who are known for their use of vibrant colours. For examples, such fashion designer was Lilly Pulitzer, who recently passed away at 81.

Why don't fashion designers need CAD as much as interior designers do?

Fashion designers typically design clothing, and interior designers work on buildings. CAD is more conducive to building design. whereas fashion designers often use live models to design and display their work.

How do fashion designers design clothes?

== == == == == == Fashion designers go to fashion school and learn from there, but most fashion designers are creative to design clothes.

Do any Australian fashion designers use stretch denim?


What materials do fashion designers use?

Sketch pad needles

How do fashion designers use drawing skills?

They draw sketches of their future fashion clothes designs.

Role of fashion designers in fashion cycle?

Well, fashion designers design clothes, which is the start of the fashion cycle.

How do fashion designers use fractions in there job?

they use it to get the right size of fabric to use

Where can I find information about the newest fashion designers?

you can find information about fashion designers from of course the professional fashion designers, or go to a beauty college school for information about the fashion.

Are female fashion designers better then male fashion designers?

Actually Fashion Design Has nothing to do with gender.I know very successful and Talented male fashion designers as well as female fashion designers!It,s not like" who is better? who is best? or who is better than the best?I think female fashion designers are good in designing for male.And male fashion designers are good in designing for female.