What equipment is needed for surfing?

The essential equipment for surfing is a surfboard, leash (which ties the board to your ankle), and wax (to stop you slipping off the board). It's best to start with a big board for learning as it will be more stable and easier to catch waves. A surf shop will be able to advise you since it will depend on your weight and size what you can manage. Basically you want something that floats you very well and you can get soft boards to begin with if you are worried about the board hitting you or other people. Then it depends where you are going to surf. In hot places where the water is warm people wear bathing suits and baggies (quick-dry shorts). Somewhere colder you will need a wetsuit ranging from short to long sleeves and arms and getting thicker between for colder water. You may also need wetsuit boots, gloves and a hood if it gets really cold!