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Q: What equipment is used to measure dissolved oxygen?
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What is dissolve oxygen?

Dissolved oxygen is the current amount of oxygen in the water. A certain amount of Dissolved Oxygen Is needed to keep the fish alive, if any of the dissolved oxygen decreases by either a little or a lot it can cause changes in the water, normally if the dissolved oxygen decreases so do the fish and aquatics life's life.

What instrument measures dissolved oxygen?

A=Spirometer(Answered by Teshome Seya)*source-Tbar's medical dictionary.A spirometer is a device that measures the volume of air inhaled and exhaled by the lungs.A spirometer is used to measure breathing.Spirometerspirometeryou donta stethascope. 

What is oxygen equipment used for?

Oxygen equipment is used for individuals who need oxygen therapy. These are people who have loss of lung capacity for various reasons such as illness, age, or injury.

How does oxygen get into water for fish to breathe?

Oxygen partially dissolves in water. Respiratory systems of aquatic animals are adapted to get this dissolved oxygen. They have gills for respiration.

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Which equipment is used to measure temperature?

A thermometer.

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What piece of equipment is used to measure in centimeters?

a ruler

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What equipment is used to measure light intensity?

a photodiode

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You use a spectrophotometer.

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