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The Hebrew people sprayed blood on the door of their houses in Egypt, and the angel passed by these houses. and the first born escaped. But the egyptians did not have it on their doors so their first born was slain.

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The Exodus from Egyptian slavery in 1312 BCE. See the Book of Exodus, ch.1-12.

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Q: What event in Hebrew history does Passover celebrate?
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What event in Hebrew milleninia history does passover celebrate?

The exodus from Egypt

The Jews and the early history of movies?

the event they celebrate passover is exodus

Why was the Exodus an important event in Hebrew history?

It symbolizes the beginning of The Passover.

What event from salvation history is the basis for passover?

The Israelite Exodus from Egyptian slavery. See also:More about Passover

Which event in history would be uppermost in a Jews mind during the passover meal?

The Exodus from Egypt.

What provides the means to observe and celebrate event of the rich history of the army?

The armies' battle history.

What is the story behind eid?

eid is celebrate of an Important event in History of Islam.

The bible tells us about an event that happened when Jesus was tweleve. why did Jesus and his family go to Jerusalem?

To celebrate Passover. Most Jews did this and performed various sacrifices.

Why was the Exodus a signifigant event in Hebrew history?

because moses let his people out of Egypt

How is the exodus event connected to passover today?

Passover celebrates the Exodus.

Does Islam celebrate the Passover?

Answer 1Yes, Muslims observe Passover and fast it. They call it "Yum Ashura'a".Answer 2Muslims do believe in the events of the Passover and believe the event to be the Divine salvation of the Jewish people at that time. However, Muslims do not celebrate the Passover Seder in any way and do not have the restricted eating habits or holiday requirements that traditionally define Passover.A note on Answer 1: Yom Ashura has absolutely nothing to do with Passover, except it partially being a commemoration of the Exodus, and has no connection to Judaism (in terms of its religious character). In terms of historical origin and general activity it is much more similar to the Jewish Yom Kippur although the fast of Yom Ashura would be considered an unhappy fast whereas Yom Kippur is a happy fast.

What event does passover celabrete?

Freedom from slavery.