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eathquakes are evidence for continental drifts... they cause tectonic plates to break apart eventually causing the different land forms to move into a different position

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Q: What evidence do we have for continental drift?
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What does provide evidence for continental drift?

Is there a list? Continental drift is real, so religious fanatics don't provide evidence for continental drift.

Why is the platypus good evidence for continental drift?

It is good evidence of continental drift as fossils of previous duck billed platypuses were found in America and Alaska, which Australia was once connected to. This means the platypuses once lived there hence evidence of continental drift.

Are fossils evidence of continental drift?


What was a plant used for evidence for continental drift?

their roots

How did Alfred Wegener prove the theory of continental drift?

He didn't. Evidence which points to continental drift was discovered later, after he died.

Why is the continental drift theory a theory and not a scientific law?

The Continental Drift theory is a theory because there is no evidence to support it. Alfred Wegener developed the Continental Drift theory in the 1800's.

What evidence supports the hypothesis of continental drift?

Continental drift is a hypothesis so there is no actual proof or evidence of it, but rather opinions and views suggesting the possibility of it.

Which type of evidence was not used by Alfred wegener to support his continental drift hypothesis?

Which type of evidence was NOT used by Alfred Wegener to support his continental drift hypothesis human remains

What is the evidence against continental drift?

They are plants, Rock, and fossils

How did fossil provide evidence for Continental drift?

It is any trace of an ancient organism that has been preserved in rock.Fossils provided evidence for continental drift by Wegener's hypothesis. Wegener studied land features, fossils, and evidence of climate change.

Is fossil evidence used to support continental drift hypothesis?


Matching on different continents are evidence for continental drift?

river systems.