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== == * Many good companies are always looking for ways to create good management that improve leadership and good communication skills with their employees. It is not an easy task being a Manager because he/she has to deal with many different personalities and debates within his employees and be fair yet stern. A good Manager learns to roll up his/her sleeves and get down to the level of his/her employees when time permits and always has his pulse on the working abilities of his employees. A Manager should be approachable to resolve problems and in most cases any employee with a problem should be heard and treated with dignity. Hard work and laughter between Manager and employee go a long way. * There is an old saying in management training that goes like this: If the employees aren't following....the manager isn't leading. The key has to do with the way the manager routinely communicates and interacts with those reporting to him/her. For example: Does he/she maintain or enhance their self esteem...or just browbeat and intimidate? Does he/she really listen...or is he/she just waiting to talk. Does he/she regard the employee's feelings or openly criticize them in front of other employees? Does the manager ask for help or input in making decisions?...or just assume he/she has all the answers. Dictatorial management is short-term effective at best and invariably ruinous in the long term. One of two things happens...the manager fails or the employees subsequently help him/her to fail!

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Who is Toby Keith's manager?

TK Kimbrell. If you don't know who he is, he's one of the most dynamic people in entertainment. A good manager is effective from Behind the Scenes. TK is the epitomy of this.

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