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Yes you can but you must pass the imigration tests and must pass the bar exams and related exams to be able to practice

He passed school by cheating all of his tests and exams, it is not known how he is so smart though...

Every one has to pass through the ordeal of examinations and only those succeed in life who are ready to face all sorts of tests in their lives. Thus exams cannot be abolished.

"To get Prince2 certification, you have to pass two different exams. The first one tests your ability to work within a PRINCE2 oriented project. The second one tests your ability to manage a PRINCE2 oriented project."

The answer should be obvious. People worry about exams because they need to pass them to move on the the next level and education is very expensive. If you don't pass your exams you won't pass the course and you'll need to pay to repeat it.

he got 0% on maths and spanish exams

Architects need to pass all the tests they are given in their school.

she has passed the exams 3 years back.... she is a good girl that's y she is now in university now... If u wanna meet her her contact number is... 03335278191 ba bye.......

hi first you see your syllabus and try to study at least three units thoroughly its enough to get pass marks in exams.

That some government jobs be filled on the basis of competitive examsThe Pendleton Civil Service Act required that people wanting government jobs had to pass certain tests. These tests were called Civil Service Exams. The Pendleton Civil Service Act also made it illegal to fire someone for openly stating their political opinions.

FBI agent takes many years of training and licensure. You will first need to become a Peace Officer, licensure is different by state. You may need to go to a police academy, or at least get a bachelors degree in criminal justice. Then you can apply for the FBI, but you will need to pass many oral exams, written exams, polygraph tests, and physical fitness tests.

I predict that you will fail your exams unless you have been studying. The best way to be sure you will pass your exams is to keep up with your schoolwork every day. Click on the Related Questions for more tips on studying and making good grades.

I always pass the tests that I take, even the pregnancy and STD tests (joking).

In most tests, 55.0 out of 100 will pass you.

You don't get the qualification you applied for

WE can pass ssc board exams with more than 33 % (Least is 33 %)

then maybe you can the teacher will get tired of you and just let you pass on to the next grade

its is necessary to be pass in theory of cbse board or not?

most people do. you should be revising fool. (:

can you have a c+ grade to become an actor

You have to be thirteen exactly thirteen years from your birth date for exactly one year. The year (or years, if you pass December) it is when are thirteen depends on the date of your birthday. I was born 11/01/1970 and was thirteen in 1983 and 1984.