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Sophia Loren never weight trains or does heavy exercise. She eats only three small meals a day and does waist twists which she demonstrates in her book "Women and Beauty." Her tiny waist is due to a combination of strict but healthy eating, always wearing clothes that accentuate her waist (she never wears jeans) and genetics as she has proportionally small rib cage for her size.

2010-07-24 21:09:25
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What exercises can tone your waist Also what foods slim belly fat?

The exercises that can tone your waist include abdominal exercises, knee twists, abs exercises, and interval walking schedules while diet foods for a slim belly fat ainclude almonds and other nuts.

What exercises are good for reducing waist line?

Jumpin jacks

What exercises makes your hips wider?

Well, it's pretty hard to build muscle bulk on your hips to increase their size but you could do thigh and waist exercises to make you appear curvier with a great hip to waist ratio. High waisted pants also make your hips look bigger because the waist cuts off at your waist and not your hips.

What is the difference between spoon and a hourglass shaped body?

Spoon: big bust, small waist, small hips Hourglass: big bust and hips, small waist

Is a 30 inch waist small?


Is a 29 inch waist big?

not at all. its really quite small. i have a 27inch waist and am concidered petite.

Does a small waist make your hips look wider?

Yes. Small waist make your hips look wider. It is relative to each other and to body also.

What waist size is 50''?

waist size is on how many centimeters your waist is around like size zero is really small and over size 14 is big.

How small is Janet Jackson's waist?

23 inches

How small is the tiniest waist in history?

15 inches

How do you get a skinny waist?

To get a skinny waist you have to go on a small diet and do a lot of crouches, pull ups, and sit ups!!

Is a 28 inch waist small medium or large?

Small, its around a size 7. Average waist size is around 34, or size 12 What really effects the appearance however is the ratio of waist size in relation to chest and hips.

How good does the waist trimmer ab belt really work?

Nothing beats diet and exercises when it comes to flattening your waistline.

Where can i find a black dress that will make my waist look good if i don't have a small waist?

Try looking at ross, or Avenue

How do burn fat on your stomach and waist?

You can burn fat on your stomach and waist by doing cardio exercises for example Running,Bicycling, Elliptical Training, Swimming,Rock Climbing, and Walking. Its also important to eat healthy.

How do you know if your jeans are to small for you?

if you can't get them on or if they hurt around the waist.

Why would your waist be larger if you have lost weight?

If you have lost a lot of weight, sometimes your skin won't react as quickly. It could be loose skin that's making your waist bigger. Try toning your midsection. There are tons of "get a tiny waist" exercises in magazines. ITS ALSO POSSIBLE THAT YOU ARE RETAINING WATER.

If you wear a size 26 with 46 inch waist is this too small?

That is not small at all. A 46 inch waist is not petit. Now the jeans vary on your figure. Consider the size hips you have.

What has the author Dorothy Herman written?

Dorothy Herman has written: 'Waist & stomach' -- subject(s): Abdomen, Exercise for women, Reducing exercises

What are good exercise plans for flat abs?

For flat abs, you can do abdominal exercises. These include: sit-ups, and waist twists, to name a couple of them.

What is the name of the small box worn on the waist sash of kimono?


What size is a 35 inch waist?

At least XL I'd say. I'm a male with a 31-32 ince waist, and I wear medium everything. When I had a 30 inch waist, I could wear small.

How much does Corey Taylor weigh?

Around 140 - 160 or 180 He is reallly reallly small!!! 5'8" and a tiny waist !!!! Really tiny waist!!!

How small should your waist be at 5'6?

between 24 and 28 inches is good

What exercises would be shown on a Pilates DVD?

"Exercises on a Pilates DVD will vary depending on what area you want to target. I like the 10 minute solution one that concentrates on buns and thighs, arms and shoulders, waist, total body, and super stretch."