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What experience do you need to become a zoologist?


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you have to have experiences with dogs and other anamials


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What classes do you need to take in college to be a zoologist

Answer: you need to take zoology in high school if you want to become a zoologist :)

Well the annual salary of a Zoologist is aboout 60,000 a year. And they need about 3-4 years experience.

you need about an op 11 or 12

To become a zoologist requires a 4 year college degree in zoology.

They at least need a bachelors degree and experience in working with animals in a professional manner.

You at least need a bachelors degree, but you should get a masters degree.

i am studing bsc nursing after that i can PhD in zoology

You generally need a doctoral degree to become a zoologist.

Have good study habits, a great interest in animals, patience, and perseverance are necessary aptitudes to become a Zoologist.

At least a bachelor's degree in zoology from a university

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One needs to spend four years in college to become a zoologist. A Master's degree usually takes another two to three years to complete.

Suprisingly you need atl east 6 years of college to become a zoologist.Zoologists are named for the group of animals they study (mammals-mammologist, birds-ornithologist, reptiles-herpetologist, fish-icthyologist)There are over 15 deffrient fields in Zoologist and a Zoologist has to attend 4 to 6 years to even become a Zoologist

To become a zoologist, the general courses in biology, physics, chemistry, and math. While you can find entry level employment with a bachelor's degree, you will need a master's degree for higher paying jobs. If you wish to conduct research, you will need a PhD.

lovelove123 what univirsities offer a bacherlors degree to become a zoologist?

A person who chooses to be a zoologist should have good stamina and have writing skills. They should also be able to communicate clearly and should enjoy research.

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There is no licensing required to become a zoologist. Most zoologists have a degree in zoology or some field of biology.

you need 9 GCSEs grade A* or lots of experience and talent with elephant poo. good luck!!!

every zoologist has to graduate school first

There is no direct route into Zoology. The preferred A-Level however is Biology, but still not required.

DDAAA a college about science it don't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

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