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Q: What explains why Toussaint fought against the French as a slave rebel leader in 1794 was made commander-in-chief of the French colonies army in Saint Domingue after 1794 and then fought again against?
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Which of these explains why people would settle in the middle colonies?

Rich farmland and mild climate

Spanish colonies were never as vigorous as those of the englishwhich of the following reasons explains why they failed to do as well?

All of the above.

How does the introduction of the declaration of independence supports Jefferson's purpose?

it lists the ways that king George III has injured the colonies

Which best explains how the body of the Declaration of Independence supports Jefferson and purpose?

it lists the ways that king George III has injured the colonies

What best explains why trade among the colonies flourished?

This question can not be answered. We don't know the choices given in your book/worksheet / test.

Which congress prepares a document in an effort to gain every colonies support the document explains the Americans reasons for breaking with Britain?


How did triangle trade violate the navigation act acts imposed by Britain on its colonies?

Mr. Scarbrough, explains this very very very well!

Which part of the Declaration of Independence explains why the colonies decided to become a free country?

The list of grievances against King George III Type your answer here...

Which of the following explains one of the motivations behind Great Britain becoming involved in the Haitian Revolution?

It wanted to prevent slave revolts from spreading to its Caribbean colonies.

What can you do if your government is not guaranteeing yourights stated in the Declaration of Independence?

America's "Declaration of Independence" does not guarantee or even bestow any rights. It explains, after the fact, why the people of the American colonies had broken their ties with England.

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There are a lot of Muslims in the Americas. There are not that many Muslims in the Americas because Islam has not spread that far, Christianity has because of when Europe had it's colonies in the Americas, which explains the large christian population.

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The nebular model explains