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Q: What explorer tried to hide from his debts?
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How AnneFrank's family tried to escape Hitler's persecution of Jewish people?

First they tried to flee, then they tried to hide.

Why did the Jews hide?

Because the Germans were after the Jews and they wanted to kill them all. so they tried to hide.

How does one hide the Internet Explorer developer bar?

If a person has the developer tools installed for Internet Explorer and they would like to hide the developer bar, they would just click on IE which would immediately hide the tools. A person would have to install the developer tools in order for the developer bar to show up in Internet Explorer.

Will a factory radio from a 1998 Ford Explorer work in a 1996 Explorer?

Nope. I just tried it on my explorers because the radio died on my 98 and I tried to swap it with my 96.

Who tried to place taxes to pay of the debts for the Seven Years War?

the colony

What explorer tried to settle in new France?

Joe Grvaurdero tried to settle in new France.

How did Adam and Eve hide their sin from God?

Adam did not try to hide his sin of disobedience from God. He tried to hide himself from God after realizing what he had done.

What are the ratings and certificates for Dora the Explorer - 2000 Hide and Go Seek 2-20?

Dora the Explorer - 2000 Hide and Go Seek 2-20 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

What rhymes with sighed?

lied, died, hide, ride, tried

What are the release dates for Dora the Explorer - 2000 Hide and Go Seek 2-20?

Dora the Explorer - 2000 Hide and Go Seek 2-20 was released on: USA: 5 May 2003

Who is Mungo Park?

He is an explorer who tried to find out the source of Niger

How do you hide the smell of tobacco smoke in your home?

when i first tried smoking i did it in my room and i used perfume to hide the smell of smoke

How do you use the word futilely in a sentence?

Man tried to hide from God that they were "dead" after sin and even futilely to hide from Him physically.

How does tom try to avoid fulfilling his end of the bargain?

He tried to hide

What rhymes with confide?

hide tried fried bide tide died

What explorer tried to establish a settlement in Labrador in 1001?

Leif Ericsson

What was the name of the explorer who tried to find the Seven cities of Gold?


What were the explorers name who tried to find the Northwest Passage?

Henry Hudson was an important explorer who tried to find the northwest passage.

How do you change the digital display from km to mph on a explorer?

how do I change from kilometers to miles on the odometer. I have tried the reset on 2009 Ford Explorer

What is the number one spot to hide an Easter egg?

If i were you i would hide it up a tree or under a tree but if you already tried that then i would hide it somewhere people would never expect it to be.

How do you use Chargin in a sentence?

Mr smith tried to hide his chargin when he tripped.

What happened to people tha tried to hide Jews?

They were severly punished or killed.

What English explorer tried to establish a colony but died 1583?

jaques cartier

Why won't my internet explorer connect after I did a windows update?

Have you tried to restart the computer.

Which europeans explorer tried to reach Asia by sailing around south America?