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If you have received any awards or honors, or been involved in campus or community organizations, such as athletics, clubs or student government, you should mention them in this section. Identify any leadership roles that you had in these organizations. If you have too many organizations to list, choose the ones that have the strongest connection to the type of job you seek, don't pad this section with organizations you joined "in name only." Employers may ask you about your involvement during an interview.

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A resume is your tool to make a vital first impression to a potential employer. Virginia Tech states that "your resume may be the only chance you get to make an impression, so make it a good one." Each section has an integral function and showcases your skills and experience by demonstrating how that experience will benefit a potential employer. Your goal is to get a job. Potential employers want to know why they should hire you.

FunctionThe Stanford University's Career Development Center describes the function of a resume as simply to help you land an interview and it should include any qualifications, experiences or education that relates to your job search goals. The center also states that potential employers spend less than 30 seconds reviewing resumes, while Virginia Tech reports that it could be 15 to 20 seconds. If your resume is effective, it will secure TypesThe two most common resumes are chronological and functional. The chronological resume lists your work history in chronological order and starts with your most recent job. The chronological resume is the most common resume type. A functional resume highlights your skill set and relevant experience. The functional resume is used by a new graduate, someone seeking a career change or someone re entering the work force. The functional resume also includes your complete work history. FeaturesAll resumes have three basic sections. The first section is your contact information, including your first and last name, address, home and cell phone numbers and email address. Purdue University's online writing lab, or OWL, suggests that you can also add personal web pages. An example might be a website of your photos if you are seeking a career as a photographer.

The second section is your work history. Include all employers, dates and achievements or job responsibilities. The third section lists your education and includes degrees, schools attended and dates. There are optional sections you can add such as computer skills, professional organizations, publications, languages and volunteer experience.

LengthA resume should be at least one page in length and is commonly one to less than two pages. Purdue's writing lab states that a resume might be only one page if the applicant is a new graduate, an entry level job seeker or someone with fewer than 10 years of experience. A three page resume, according to OWL, is for an individual with senior level management or executive experience. WarningsWhen writing a resume, there are things that you must consider before sending it to a potential employer. Your resume should be aesthetically pleasing. Make sure you are consistent in your formatting and use an easily readable font. Do a thorough spell check before you post or send your resume and double check all your dates. If you are sending a resume via standard mail, use white resume standard paper. You can find resume paper at any office supply store.

Review submission guidelines before you post or send your resume. If the potential employer requests your resume in format, be sure that it is. A potential employer might also want you to save the file with a certain standard such as Last Name First Name. Don't list references on a resume. Future employers will ask for references when needed.

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there are on your resume because yor boss needsn to know what work isperiance you have and what are you good at and are you right for the job

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Q: What extra curricular activities look good on a resume?
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