What factors affect air resistance?


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Fluid density, relative velocity, and object shape affect air resistance.

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Speed, shape and frontal cross- section.

The main factors is the speed, shape and the cross-sectional area of the object.

Speed, shape and frontal cross-section. Viscosity, texture, friction, gravity, velocity, size, and shape can all affect air resistance.

Peripheral resistance refers to the resistance of the arteries to blood flow. Two factors that affect peripheral resistance are blood volume and cardiac output .

Surface and velocity are the two main factors that influence air resistance. However, area is also another factor that influences air resistance.

Not "affect"; the word is "effect" in this case. Yes, air resistance has an effect on projectiles.

Air resistance is proportional to the cube of speed.

I only know of four. The four factors that affect resistance are Length, Temperature, Material and Cross-Sectional Area

What type of friction is air resistance?fluid friction. Air resistance is fluid friction. Air resistance occurs between the surface of a falling object and the air that surrounds it. Rolling friction occurs when a rounded surface moves over a solid and sliding friction occurs when a solid moves over another solid. Static friction occurs when a solid touches another solid but there is no movement.What two factors affect air resistance?size and shape. Size and shape are the two factors that affect air resistance. Air resistance works with surface area, so the more surface area, the more air resistance. Think about when you drop two pieces of paper: one crumpled and one flat. The crumpled one falls faster because there is less air resistance acting on the paper.

Air resistance slows you down which is why ski racers wear tight suits to minimize air resistance.

The main aspects that affect the amount of air resistance against a particular object are the weight of the object and the speed that it is travelling at. The other important aspect is the shape of the surface area in the direction the object is falling.

Air resistance causes friction and slows an object.

Without air resistance, there would be no such thing as terminal velocity.

Length, area, material and temperature affect resistance.

Three factors that affect air pressure are temperature, altitude, and water vapor.

Air resistance creates friction and slows a falling object.

The shape of the object and the density of the gas that the object is falling through.

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