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Q: What factors led the colonies of British north America to consider confederation?
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Which british north American colonies joined confederation?

the north side

What are the 6 colonies of British north America in 1825?

name the six colonies of british north america in 1825

Why are there 13 stipes on the flag?

There were 13 original colonies in British North America.

What date did the thirteen colonies officialy become the thirteen colonies?

under the articles of confederation 13 british colonies formed a national government. That's not to say that there weren't other colonies in existence or being formed.. just that they were not part of the confederation.

Why were first nation's people not included in confederation discussions?

They did not have British colonial status and only British Colonies were invited to the party.

How did the 13 colonies work together to fix the weakness of articles of confederation?

they worked together by kicking the british out there land that should have been the Americans land and that land eventually became America

How many colonies were in British north America in 1858?

there were seven colonies at that time

During Mrs Hutchinson's lifetime America?

Anne Hutchinson was part of the british colonies during here lifetime in America. was part of the british colonies. (NovaNET)

Which continent did the British empire have colonies in?

It is the Northern Americas which Britain occupied the most.

Where did the British establishe colonies at?

All over the world. The UK had colonies in North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, China, India, Africa, Australia, and many islands in all the oceans were British Colonies.

What was the last of the british colonies to be established in America?


What was the number of the first British colonies in America?