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The factors which affect soil pH levels are the amount of rainfall, the amount of plants and the number of soil organisms.

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Q: What factors that determine the soil pH?
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Where can one buy a soil pH meter?

Soil PH meters are used to determine how acidic or alkaline the soil in your garden or yard is. A good PH meter can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes or Canadian Tire.

What physical property would you measure to determine if the soil is too acidic?


What does soil consist of and what factors determine its fertility?

Cheif Keef

What does the pH of a substance determine?

How acidic it is and how corrosive it is. Sulfur, for example, is 2. Battery acid is 1.

What is the pH of loamy soil?

In order to find the pH you will need to test the soil. Different factors will effect the pH and different plants grow better at a different pH. I heard its ph level is "6" the ideal fertilizer for gardening. Its neutral. The ph levels go from 0-11 :)

What includes the PH humidity gases salinity sunlight and soil in an area?

Abiotic factors

What includes pH humidity gases salinity and sunlight soil in an area?

Abiotic factors

What environmental factors could cause soil to be acidic?

As the amount of hydrogen ions in the soil increases the soil pH decreases thus becoming more acidic.

How does soil pH affect soil fertility?

soil fertility increases soil PH

What is the pH for an tomato?

The optimum pH level for tomato plants is 6.0 - 6.8. You should use a soil tester to determine what the pH level of your soil. The proper pH level will grow much better tomatoes. Rapitest makes a specialized tester just for tomato plants.

How you can change the pH of a soil if it is acidicalkaline?

to change the pH of soil

Can you change the pH of the soil?

First you should universal indicator paper to determine whether or not your soil is an acid or an alkali, then just add whatever you want to change it to. Often with soil it is difficult to change the PH, due to the fact it is the ground around it that is the acid/alkali. If its potted plants youre using then you should check the PH when you but the soil. If its in the ground, it will be very difficult to change.