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Q: What fairground ride is made from iron?
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When was Fairground Attraction created?

Fairground Attraction was created in 1987.

Importance of iron metal today?

Iron is important to us because steel, which is made from iron, is the basis of most of the structures we build and of the vehicles we ride in on the ground.

Is magnet use in iron?

Magnets is made of iron. Magnets are attracted to anything made out of iron.

Is Earth's crust made up of iron?

yes most is made of iron

Is the lodestone made of iron?

It is made of a type of magnetic iron called magnetite.

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What was the first fairground ride?

the first ever ride that was made in history was faris wheel

What is the oldest fair ride?

what is the oldest fairground ride? what is the oldest fairground ride?

Why did The Beatles mention 'Helter Skelter'?

A helter-skelter is a fairground ride in England.

When were fairground rides made?

at london

Which fairground ride provides the climax to Alfred Hitchcocks Strangers on a Train?

A Merry-Go-Round

What was the first fairground ride in Victorian Britain?

The first fairground ride invented was the merry go round and round about in the late 1800's The ferris wheel was then invent around very late 1800's and early 1900's by ferris in England.

Who made the first fairground rides?


What types of animals are usually featured on fairground carousels?

Horses are usually the animals featured on fairground carousels. There might also be fictional animals of a similar nature such as unicorns but they are animals one can ride.

Is megadrop a fairground ride?

Carnivals thrive on variety. I have seen a ride of this type bearing the more mundane handle of Drop Tower. Megadrop sounds like a good handle for a fairgrounds or carnival /amusement park ride. Almost all of these are made by INTAMIN in Switzerland, and not domestic makers.

What year was the first fairground made in?

it all started in 1939

What forces take place when a fair ground ride is in motion?

All of the forces required to keep the rider in his seat, as well as the equal and opposite reaction to each, can be observed during the operation of the fairground ride.

What rhymes with fairground?

airground that is the only that rhymes with fairground. :)