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Q: What famous American symbol was a gift from a foreigen country?
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Which is the most famous animal in America?

Probably the American Bald Eagle which is that country's symbol.

What is Americas symbol?

The most famous American symbol is the eagle.

What was the reason the American flag was made?

To represent the country; a symbol of the nation.

Which country has a famous red telephone box?

The country that has the famous red telephone box belongs to the country of England. It is often found on the streets of Britain and has been recognized as a nation symbol.

Where in American society can you find an eye sitting on atop onother famous Egyptian symbol of horus?

You can find on the American dollar a symbol alike the Eye of Horus atop a Pyramid.

Why do Americans treat an American flag so well?

Because its our symbol of our Country

Why you have American flag?

Each country in America has its own flag as a national symbol of identity.

Why are all flags famous for their countries?

Flags are famous for their countries because they are symbols of their countries. Each country has a unique symbol to take pride in.

What is the symbol country?

o country have symbol

Where in American society can you find an eye sitting atop another famous Egyptian symbol?

On a One Dollar bill.

The statute of liberty was given to America from another country. What country?

The statue of Liberty was given to America by French people as a symbol for the American independence.

How does the American flag affect us today?

I suppose it affects us as a symbol of a country and the ideal of freedom.