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JOHN LEE - Perhaps the most prolific place-kicker in NCAA history, Lee was twice selected first-team All-American ('84, '85) while setting numerous UCLA and NCAA records during his four years as UCLA's place kicker (1982-85). Lee holds school records for field goals made in a game (6), season (32), and career (85) and field goals attempted in a season (36) and a career (100), points in a season (117) and a career (390) and kick points in a game (18). Lee holds or held the following NCAA records: most field goals in a season (29 in 1984) and in a two-year period (50 in 1984-85), field goals made per game for a season (2.64 in 1984) and a career (1.84,1982-85), highest career percentage (85.9%), highest career percentage on field goals of 40 yards or more (69.4%), highest career percentage of field goals of under 40 yards (96.4%), and most career games of four or more field goals (8). He was chosen in the second round of the 1986 NFL Draft by the St. Louis Cardinals.

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Q: What famous athlete attended Downey High School?
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