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Henry Hudson

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Q: What famous british explorer discovered the island of Manhattan?
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Who was the famous explorer who discovered haiti?

It was Christopher Columbus

Who is the Most famous explorer in whitby?

Captain Cook, he discovered Australia.

What are some explorers?

Christopher Columbus is perhaps the most famous explorer, having discovered the Americas. Another famous explorer was John Cabot and Vasco Da Gama.

Why was Simon Fraser the explorer famous?

because Simon Fraser discovered the Fraser river

Was Erik the red human?

Yes Erik the Red was human. He was a famous viking explorer who was the first European to discover and settle Greenland. He also was the father of the famous explorer Leif Eriksson who discovered America.

What European explorer discovered a famous river and explored the area around New York City?

Henry Hudson.

Which famous british explorer did Ronald amundsen beat to the south pole?

He bet Robert Falcon Scott

What famous black explorer discovered a pass in sierra mountains the great west ward migration possible?

James Beckwourth.

What is a famous explorer?

Lewis and Clark, Columbus, Coronado, John Glen,

Where was the famous explorer born?

who is the famous morton born explorer

Who is bartolmeu dias?

Batolmeu Dias was a famous explorer during the age of exploration. He discovered a passage through the Cape of Good Hope. He also discovered a way to go from Portugal to Asia.

Which famous explorer fixed his telescope to the sky in 1609?

Galileo Galilei was the famous explorer!!! Galileo Galilei was the famous explorer!!!