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Q: What famous experiment did J.J thomas conduct?
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What was the name of jj equipment (experiment) he did?

it was electrons

Atom theory JJ thomas?

discovered electrons

When did Thomas jj altizer die?

he is still alive.

How did JJ Thompson know the charge of the particles?

from his cathode ray tube experiment

Where did jj thomas the scienst die?

in cambridge London 1930 some what

Did jj Thomson perform an experiment proving an atom has two parts?

yes, he discovered electrons.

When was Sir JJ Thomas born?

what was going on during j.j. thomas's atomic model what was going on during j.j. thomas's atomic model

What piece of equipment did JJ Thomson use in his atomic theory experiment?

Don't know can you help me please

What was JJ Thomson famous for?

helped discover atoms an atomic theory

Who performed an experiment with cathode ray tubes?

J. J. ThomsonJ. J. Thomson did the cathode ray experiment where he discovered the existence of electrons.

What is jj's famous catch phrase?

Dynomite, well you know what can I say, shello!, haloooow!

What is a famous quote by jj Thomson?

could anything at first sight seem more impractical