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What famous people attended Yale?

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Yes, this is a fragment, it needs a subject to become a sentence. He attended Yale. She attended Yale. David attended Yale.

He/She attended Yale? Did your dad really attend Yale? basically, just put a person in before attended.

No, he attended the Naval Academy.

Hillary Rodham Clinton attended Yale in 1969 and graduated Yale University in 1973.

neil armstrong, and other famous astronauts

one of the most famous people which were astronauts is Kevin ford

there were about 30 celebrities that attended this school check it out on celebrities .com/

A complete sentence has a subject and a predicate, the subject is this case would be the person who attended Yale which is missing so the sentence isn't really complete its more in point form.

Both Bushes and Taft were undergraduates at Yale. Ford and Clinton went there for law school.

There are many famous people that have attended Texas A and M. Some of them are First Lady Barbara Bush, Roger Clemens, Matthew McConaughey, and Farrah Fawcett.

# 5 famous people who went to spelman college

Eli Whitney attended college at Yale.

ray Charles and Jim Morrison.

the man who founded it aka ovid butler was partially famous

False - she attended Yale, although she had always wanted to attend Harvard.

George W Bush attended Yale University

she attended spelman college and yale university

Inventor, Earle Dickson, attended Yale University. Dickson is most famous for being the inventor of the Band-Aid while working for Johnson and Johnson.

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