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They have thick fur that keeps out the cold.

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What is that anime with the penguin and the bear?

Polar Bear's Cafe (Shirokuma Cafe) is an anime that features a polar bear, penguin, and panda bear.

What are the external features of a polar bear?

'External features' means the outside parts of the thing so, for the polar bear, it will be nose, skin, legs, hands, eyes, and lips.

What are the dangerous features of a bear?

Polar bear. They have been known to actually stalk humans as prey

Which soft drink occasionally features polar bear in advertisements?

Pepsi Cola sometimes features polar bears in its commercials.

Do polar bears conserve body heat?

A polar bear dosent conserve body heat because of there fur and the blubber this 2 features help the polar bear to live, In the artic

What are the special features of a polar bear?

The special features are its claws and its fur so it can survive harsh conditions.There are many stories about the polar bear, and interesting tales told.Another the special thing about the polar bear is that they are endangered due to melting ice in the Arctic, and their skin is black underneath their white fur.

What are some of the physical features of a polar bear?

Thick white fur, big claws, and big teeth are all most people ever see in a Polar bear.

Is the polar bear the biggest bear?

The Polar bear is the biggest bear.

What makes a polar bear a polar bear?

Well a polar bear is a bear that lives in the north pole.

What is a polar bear's special feature?

Polar bears have many special features including their fur. The fur on a polar bear is very thick and actually clear.

Who is bigger polar bear or grizzly bear?

Polar bear.

What bear is bigger the polar bear or grizzly?

Polar bear.

How does the polar bear help the polar ice?

why does the polar bear helps the polar ice

Is a cave bear bigger than polar bear?

yes they are bigger than a polar bear; they overshadow a polar bear.

Where do the polar bear gets its name?

The polar bear is a bear that lives in the arctic, also known at the north pole, and lives andpolar conditions. So a bear that lives in polar conditions, why not name its a polar bear?

What ways is the polar bear adapted to keep warm?

The polar bear has two adaptive features designed to keep it warm; - Fur - Fur in between it's toes and on the pads of it's feet.

How strong is a polar bear?

a polar bear is the strongest bear in the world

Which animal is bigger the polar bear or the brown bear?

The Polar Bear.

Which is larger grizzly bear or polar bear?

The polar bear is larger.

What is stronger a lion or a polar bear?

A lion is smaller than a polar bear and the polar bear has a height and weight advantage, so a polar bear is stronger.

Which is more powerful a brown bear or polar bear?

Polar bear, because when both the brown bear and the polar bear stand up, the polar bear would be taller by about 3 feet, and have more mass. Polar bear would kill brown bear if it wanted to, but not easily.

How do the male polar bear and the female polar bear have the baby polar bear?

just like human do .

What eats the polar bear?

Orcas will occasionally kill and eat swimming polar bears.

Which is bigger the polar bear or the panda bear?

Polar bears are bigger, pandas are a relatively small type of bear.

Is a brown bear bigger or smaller than a polar bear?

Actually, a polar bear is smaller then most bears. but, when a polar bear is full grown, and a brown bear is a cub, the polar bear is bigger of course!