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Q: What feeling did Brian think was not useful?
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How did Brian figure out what animal it was in the shelter with him?

Brian found out what animal was in the shelter with him by feeling and seeing quills in his leg from a porcupine.

Information on brian welch?

Go to and it will have some really useful info

How does Brian show his fear when the engine dies Hatchet?

Brian shows his fear when the engine dies in "Hatchet" by feeling his heart pounding rapidly, feeling his legs weaken, and experiencing a sick feeling in his stomach. He also becomes overwhelmed by the silence and isolation of the wilderness, which heightens his fear of being alone and stranded.

If you experience a feeling of languor what have you done?

I always get this feeling, I think of weird things after I'm done, like a feeling as in I think ... What the heck am I doing?

Are swaddle blankets useful for newborn babies?

There are people who go both ways when it comes to swaddling a baby. Some prefer it because they think it gives the baby the feeling of being in the womb. Others just think it is restricting their movements.

Are angry bird pigs misunderstood?

I am not sure But I think this question u should ask yourself because every person got different feeling about it Is thins answer useful Plus answer YES

In what episode does Brian yells at a baby?

I think it's "Brian in Love" but I'm not positive.

In the book hatchet brian thinks to himself so fast so fast things change what causes him to think this?

Well have you ever thought of you being or feeling different after you've done something like move to a different place, Brian was thinking he was a different person after the crash and him surviving in the wilderness for a while.

Can a maraca go in the orchestra?

Yes it can its very useful for the Latin and South American Feeling

Who does Brian Griffin live with?

Really, Brian Griffin? You want to know who Brian Griffin lives with? Do you think he may live with The Griffins.

Do guinea pigs get sick?

They can be feeling sick but to my knowlegde they cannot be physically sick. hope this is useful to you!

What is Brian Krause's religion?

I think that the actor brian krause have his private infor kept whitin his family