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The ovary, holds the females eggs.

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Q: What female structure holds the eggs?
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What holds the eggs and the female sex hormone?

Ovaries hold the eggs.

What organ holds the eggs in a female frog?


Which female structure produces the eggs?

Fallopian tube

Where are female eggs inside of the body?

in plants: the ovary holds the ovule which holds the archegonium (egg)

What structure produces eggs in female frogs?

The ovaries in a frog produce the eggs

What is the specialized structure in female insects used to lay eggs?


What is an ovipositor?

An ovipositor is the specialized structure in female insects used to lay eggs.

What eats platypus eggs?

Pythons and goannas eat platypus eggs. The female platypus will actually place earthen plugs along the length of her burrow before the chamber which holds the eggs, in order to deter such predators.

What is the reproductive structure of gymnosperm called?

The reproductive structure of a gymnosperm is the cone. The cone produces pollen or sperm cells that will later on fertilize a female plants eggs or anthers

Which reproductive structure releases egg cells?

Eggs, or ova, are released from the female ovaries.

What structure holds eggs sperm and urine in a frog?

Well, they have their testes and the bladder. As females have other parts. These along with waste are released through the cloaca

Are rattlesnakes born through eggs?

Yes and no! The female rattlesnake holds the eggs within her body until they are ready to hatch. The eggs are little more than a thin transparent sac and have no shell. This rattlesnake is ovoviviparous - the young are born alive.