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What field of coverage does each position play during the game?


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2011-10-18 21:13:00
2011-10-18 21:13:00

That's quite a difficult question, you see, because each position, during defensive play and offensive play, is supposed to back up the other. As my trainers have told me, if you have a soccer team in which everyone can play all positions, then when done correctly, the field looks like a hurricane during play. Constantly rotating. Always supporting their teammate. If you're defending and you get beat, run back behind the next defender in case the offender beats him too. Then you're there again, and so on. When you play on a team, especially in competitive soccer, you must learn to rely on one another, talk, listen and trust. If everyone knows everyone else and their position, then you should always have options and the field of play will grow into the entire field.

and good luck with it.


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