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Q: What field of science did niels bohr work?
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What area or areas id Niels Bohr study?

Niels Bohr was a prominent figure in the field of Physics. His work on the atomic structure and quantum Mechanics earned him the Nobel Price in Physics in 1922

Why niels bohr is important?

Niels Bohr is important for his work in the areas of atomic structure and quantum theory. He was a physicist from the country of Denmark.

Who did Niels Bohr work with?

JJ Thomson, Ernest Rutherford

What did Niels Bohrs work add to the model of the atom?

Niels Bohr proposed a "planetary system" model for the atom.

Where did Niels Bohr do most of his work?

Niel Bohr's atomic discovery was made in Coppehagin Copenhagen, but it was published in England.

What did Niels Bohr contribute to the understanding of the atom?

Niels Bohr created the Bohr Model of the atom. It was an improvement on previous models (Thompson's Plum Pudding Model, Rutherford's model, etc.) which depicted the atom as a positive nucleus surrounded by negative electrons. Niels Bohr was also a member of the team of scientists working on the Manhattan Project.

When did bohr's develop his atomic theory?

Niels Bohr received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922 for work done in the area of atomic theory.

What was Bohr's work on science?

Neils Bohr's most significant contributions to science were creating the Bohr model of the atom and furthering the understanding of quantum mechanics.

How tall was Niels Bohr?

Niels Bohr was sub-atomic in height. This is how he figured out how atoms work. Wolfgang Pauli was even smaller, which is how he knew about electrons. They teamed up for a film in the twenties, but no one could see them. It was merely postulated that they were there.

How did Niels Bohr get the U.S. to work on the Manhattan Project?

Neils Bohr joined the Manhattan Project after it was started. 1955 he organized the first Atoms for Peace Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

Where did neils bohr go to school?

Niels Bohr (October 1885 to November 1962) was a physicist who made contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum theory. Bohr attended the University of Copenhagen, the University of Cambridge, and the Victoria University of Manchester.

What is borh planks theory?

Niels Bohr and Max Planck are two physicists who made significant contributions to classical physics. Using Planck's work, Bohr was able to show how electrons exist in energy levels around the nucleus of an atom.