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What fire Pokemon are in Pokemon Crystal?


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magmar and flareon vulpix and cindaquil qualava and typhlosion every fire Pokemon


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the strongest fire type Pokemon is enti,ho oh and charazard

The three starters in Pokemon Crystal are Cyndaquil (the fire type) , Totodile (water) and Chikorita (grass ).

you use it to evolve certain fire type Pokemon

the gameshark cheats for Pokemon fire red work on Pokemon liquid crystal because it's the exact same game type it's just a hack of Pokemon fire red =D

you have to evolve it with a fire stone

one of the only and the best fire pokemon you get on pokemon crystal is Growlithe, because when you evolve it with a fire stone it evolves into Arcanine, which is pretty tough. but remember to evolve it after growlithe turns to level 34, after it learns flame wheel. and also remember that you cant evolve it without a fire stone! :)

No. Crystal, being a Gen II Pokemon game it is not compatible with fire red witch is a Gen III Pokemon game.

You'll need to trade for it or evolve your traded Vulpix with a Fire Stone. (Vulpix isn't available in Pokemon Crystal, unfortunately.)

Crystal And you can't they don't appear ever not even Entei

no you can not crystal version is too old try trading Pokemon to it with fire red, leaf green, Or Diamond, Pearl, Or Platinum

go and search where is the rube and Sapphire fire red

In the goldenrod game corner as a prize, with 5500 Credits

fire red, leaf green, blue, and crystal.

Sorry, but the only way to get all the starters from Pokemon Crystal to Fire Red or to Pokemon Emerald is to get a gameshark and do it from there.

Well Pokemon Crystal Version (Trust me the version at the end is part of its name.) is a Generation II game and Pokemon FireRed Is a Generation III so no you cant trade in between those two games.But you can trade Pokemon FireRed with LeafGreen, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.And you can trade Pokemon Crystal with Pokemon Gold and Silver Versions.

you get it from schoolboy allan.he should be on route 36

Sylveon is not in Pokemon Crystal.

There is no HM08 in Pokemon Crystal. Pokemon Crystal has only 7 HMs that are available to use.

show a growlithe to bills grandpa in the joto region and he should give you a fire stone

how to download pokemon crystal in a dsi?

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