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Q: What first class levers would you find in your house?
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What class lever is a scissor jack considered?

A scissor jack would be a series of 1st class levers.

What are some examples of class 3 levers?

First class levers are like see-saws. The fulcrum (turning point) comes between the effort and the load. So if you push down on the effort the load goes up. With second class levers the load comes between the effort and the fulcrum. This is good for catapulting things. Third class levers have the effort between the load and the fulcrum. An example would be a fishing rod. The fish on the end is the load, your hand on the rod is the effort and the hand at the end is the fulcrum.

What are the simple machines of locking pliers?

Pliers are composed by two opposing levers.pliers are levers of type 1.Pliers are a specialty tool comprised of two first class levers: the fulcrum is located between the force (where you squeeze) and the load (what you would be squeezing).

Are levers 1st class or 2nd or 3rd?

Levers can be all of them. A first class lever is when the pivot (funcrum) is in the middle. A second class lever has the load (resistance) in the middle, and the third class lever has the effort (force) in the middle. For example, a see-saw is a first class lever because the fulcrum is the in middle. A exmaple for a second class lever would be a can opener because the load, the can, is in the middle. And last, the thrid class lever is a arm because the effort is in the middle, because your elbow gives the effort to move the arm.

What class is a fulcrum lever?

1st class lever3rd class lever

What is first class stamp for us?

First class mail would be sealed communications. Second class mail would be publications. Third class mail would be advertising and junk mail.

What would it be like without the use of levers?

Difficult, levers are essential in life. Mostly everything we use uses levers such as our body, airplanes, lifting things, scissiors, nutcrackers etc. Some things require levers and they would not be possible without them. Hope that helped :)

Are scissors a second class lever?

no, they would be a first class lever.yes, it is

Under which class of lever would you place cantilever is it first class second class or third class?

* * * yes it is a second class...

What would cause a stick shift to slip out of first and third gears when the clutch is engaged?

It's worn out, bad linkage or worn shift levers.

What are the energy transfers of the six simple machines for example an incline plane is gravitational potential energy to mechanical energy. I want to know what are the other fives and for levers I would like to know class one and class 2?

\Delta E\Delta t\geq

Where can one purchase bulk door levers?

Bulk door levers can be purchased directly from a local manufacturer of door levers. Home Depot, Lowes or any other home renovation store would also sell these.