Betta and Siamese Fighting Fish

What fish can live with female Betta fish?


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Gouramis and other betta fish--just not two males


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Yes as long as its a female betta they will be fine

Male Bettas can live with female Betta fish except when they have laid eggs. Male Betta fish should not be placed in the same aquarium as another male Betta.

Betta fish are unable to live with other fish due to their aggressive nature, as they may injure the other fish. Female betta fish are able to live with other fish, however.

yes betta fish have to live alone or one will kill the other.

Yes, but some fish will nip at the Betta's fins. Male bettas cannot live with other bettas (male or female).

yes but do not pick fish that are soooo small like minnows because your betta will EAT HIM UP!

The male will either mate with the female or kill her if she is not ready to mate. Male Betta splendens will not live peacefully with any other fish of the same species. So the answer is no.

yes I have a tetra living with a male and a female betta and 9 other fish :)

Normally the male betta fish has much longer flowing fins than the female.

No, they can live alone or with other female bettas. They might bite each other but won't kill.

She breeds with a male Betta Fish.

Sorry, type in: how do betta fish live?

The female betta fish has vagina lips on its anus.

No the female betta has to have a male to have babies.

Np, but they will bite. Yes, they will fight to the death.

Only female Bettas can be kept together. That too will only work if they are given reasonably roomy conditions and plenty of cover (plants) and hidey holes. Male betta fish can/ will fight to death if there is another male fish in the tank, a male will sometimes eat a female so your best bet is to have a single betta or a female and a female.

Betta fish primarily cant live wioth other fish because the betta fish will kill the other fish. The only fish that a betta fish can live with is a non-colorful fish like tetras. Contact your petstore before you put another fish in with your betta fish.

Male betta fish are really colorful and generally larger. Female betta fish are clear colored and small. Male betta fish are probably the easiest to find as well.

Male betta Fish are the aggressive ones. Although it is nearly impossible to find out the difference between female and male betta Fish. If you put in another fish in a male bettaFish tank, the betta Fishwill most likely kill the other fish. Unless the fish is female.

No. Betta fish will attack each other no matter the sex.

A male betta fish will flare to show off his brightly colored fins to a female. This can cause her to have an interest in him.

Betta fish do very well in aquariums as they get along surprisingly well with other fish of their average size size. Betta fish will live longer when they live in a filtered aquarium above 3 gallons. There are many positives to your Betta's well-being when in an aquarium In a community aquarium you may have either-or but not together: One male Betta One female Betta Three or more female Bettas (never two) Also remember that fish who resemble male Bettas or have long, colorful fins -such as guppies- may be bullied or even killed by your Betta. Male or female.

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