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Hydrogen used to be used in airships.

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Q: What flammable gas used to be used in airships?
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What element is used in airships that is dangerous?

Hydrogen was once used to fill airships. Quite dangerous due to how flammable it is.

Why is gas no longer used for airships?

gas is still used in airships to provide lift.

What element was once used to fill airships?

Hydrogen was the gas that was once used to filled airships. It is extremely plentiful and easy to produce. However, it is also extremely flammable and caused a few accidents. Helium is now used.

Why airships today safer than in the past?

because hydrogen used to be in those airships and since hydrogen is flammable it was very dangerous

Why don't they use hydrogen gas in airships nowadays?

hydrogen is VERY flammable, which makes it an unpleasant choice.

What gas is used in airships instead of hydrogen?

Helium has replace hydrogen in airships

Light gas is used to lift airships?


Do airships use gas?

Airships do use gas, to provide lift.

What are two differences between the good blimps of today and the airships Hindenburg?

Today's blimps are not filled with flammable hydrogen gas like Hindenburg was, but normally the non-flammable helium.

Why is hydrogen not used for aiships?

Hydrogen isn't used for airships because it is highly flammable. It was one of the causes of the Hindenburg's burning.

Why modern airships are filled helium not hydrogen?

coz it is flammable....

Which gas is commonly used in balloons and airships?

hydrogen or helium.

What gas helps airships float?

the gas that helps airships is i hate you

A flammable gas once used to fill blimps?

A flammable gas once used to fill blimps

What are airships used for?

Airships were often used to carry freight and passengers. But became unpopular after the advent of jets and other types of aircraft because they are slow. Initially they used fuel which made them highly flammable when accidents occured.

What did hydrogen used to be used for?

The only answer that comes to mind is "Airships". Hydrogen, the lightest element, was used in airships, where excess weight was undesirable. However, accidents like the Hindenburg disaster showed that Hydrogen gas was too dangerous(it is extremely flammable) to be used. Since then, Helium has been used instead. Helium is also a very light element, and is completely safe, as it is inert.

Is there helium in airships?

Yes. Helium isn't flammable, which makes it the safer option.

Why is it bad to use hydrogen in airships?

Due to the fact that its extremely flammable

What were the early uses of hydrogen?

Hydrogen was used for balloons and airships(zeplins) because it is the lightest gas, but highly flammable, so now we use helium because it is very safe. Hope this helped xxx

What gas do you use in airships today?

In their early history, buoyant airships (zepellins, blimps) were filled with hydrogen, a highly flammable gas. Since the Hindenburg disaster, hydrogen has been supplanted by helium, a much more expensive material, but one that is inert and hence much safer.

Why are airships filled with helium gas?

Because helium is an non flammable gas, which proved a much safer alternative to the hydrogen airship following the explosion of the LZ129 Hindenburg on May 6th 1937.

What lighter than air gas was once used to power airships in cause the Hindenburg disaster?

The gas was Hydrogen.

What is difference between flammable gas and toxic gas?

Flammable gas will burn. Toxic gas is poisonous. A gas can be toxic, but not flammable, flammable but not toxic, both, or neither.

What is the non flammable gas used as a refrigerant?


Why is hydrogen gas not used in large balloons or airships?

Hydrogen gas is flammable. Hydrogen has been used in the past as it has much greater lift capacity than Helium but H2 flamability was made all too apparent when the Hindenburg burned in New Jersy in 1937 killing 35 of the 97 on board.