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Q: What fly has red head and black body?
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What kind of bird has black body white belly and a red bib?

Red head and black body bird

What kind of ants have a red head and black body?

Pyramid ants have a red head and a black body. These are native to the U.S and are more common in the southern states.

What do ladybugs body look like?

The Ladybugs body has red wings with black dots, The bottom of it when it fly's looks like the red wasn't there, The Ladybugs Skin color is black.

What bird has a black head red beak and red body?

Its a Northern Cardinal with a parasite problem. The parasite results in a loss of feathers around the head, giving it the apperance of a black head.

What kind of spider has a black head and a solid red body?

A smashed one!

What is a Southern California Snake that has a red body with a black head and is approxamately 6ft long?

Red Coachwhip or "Red Racer

What snake is black with a red head and tail?

the redhawk snake. found only in the united states area.

Which bug has a thin black body yellow legs and looks kind of like a cross between a fly a mosquito and a wasp?

The red striped black bug, whose Latin name is Pyrota Ackhurstiana, falls under this description. It also has a red spot on its head.

What Pennsylvania bird with a white head and gray-speckled body has a red mark on top of its head and a black throat?

Downey woodpecker

What body part rhymes with a color?

red - head green - spleen black - back rose - nose

What bug is Red with black spots?

The Six-spot burnet moth

What whooping cranes look like?

They have red and black head, white neck, white body, black and white wings, and orange feet.