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The Airwolf RC is a Helicopter RC that uses a big chopper wing at the top to help lift the Airwolf RC Helicopter to let the motorized helicopter fly.

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Q: What flying method does the Airwolf rc use?
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What retailer has the best price for the airwolf rc?

The prices of airwolf RC's depend on the model you want. The models can be very delicate or very sturdy. and other online auction sites would probably have the best prices for airwolf RC's.

Where can I buy an Airwolf RC for a good price?

AirWolf Rc can be purchased from multiple online retailers for instance, and practically any store that has a hobby or toy department.

Where can you find rc flying toys?

You can find RC Flying Toys at Walmart. Here's the link if you would like more information: Thanks for asking.

How can you make small flying RC Helicopters?

You believe

How hard is it to fly a RC airplane?

It is best to get flying lessons so you do not destroy an RC airplane because it is difficult.

What sort of remote control flying toys are safe to use inside?

Honestly, none. Space is a factor when flying RC toys and most manufacturers recommend that these be used out doors. The best choice for safety if you simply must fly inside would be the mini RC toys. They need less space to maneuver.

How could one use a remote control plane?

A radio-controlled(model) aircraft (often called RC aircraft or RC plane) is a smaill flying machine that is controlled by an operator on the ground using a hand-held radio transmitter.

Do you need a license to operate a RC jet?

No, if it is an electric you can use it in most parks but gas ones you have to go to a flying club or if you have a lot of land to fly on you should be okay.

Are there any regualtions concerning where an RC plane can be flown?

Most RC information sources suggest that one find out the local regulations as they pertain to RC plane flying, since they can vary from location to location.

How does a rc airplane simulator work?

A RC simulator is a combination of computer graphics and mechanical mechanisms that allows you to simulate the actual look and feel of flying an airplane.

What do most RC cars use to drive their motors?

Most RC cars use Nitro RC fuel to drive their motors.

Can you use a remote control antenna with a coat hanger?

Yes you could even a TV antenna might do well or you could try asking a friend or relative if they have a replacement antenna from their old RC controller for a RC vehicle they never use anymore, even use your own old RC controller (just make sure their antenna's in good condition).Its fortunate that they screw off quite easily & screw back in other just as well.Happy driving/flying!