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What follows linking or action verbs?

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What follows a linking or action verbs?

predicate nominative

What follows a linking action verb?

Several types of things can follow a linking action verb. Predicative adjectives and predicate nominatives can follow linking action verbs.

Are specialize use live and help action verbs or linking verbs?

"specialize", "use", "live", and "help" are all action verbs, not linking verbs.

Two kinds of a verb is called?

The two kinds of verbs are action or transitive verbs and linking or intransitive verbs. Action verbs refer to verbs with an object denoting physical action while linking verbs are verbs without an object and only linking the subject with the predicate.

What follows a linking or or action verb?

linking or action verb is follows by a subject.

Example of a sentence using helping verb linking verbs and action verbs?

Linking verbs that has being

Is pitched a action or linking verb?

Pitch and pitched are action verbs. Linking verbs are helping verbs, a form of the verb "be", like is, are, was, were, etc.

Which words are action or linking verbs?

Action verbs are words like run, skip, walk, eat.Linking verbs are words like am, is, are, was, were.Also the forms of become and seem are always linking verbs.

What is the difference between action verbs and linking verbs?

An action verb tells us what is happening and a linking verb connects to another word

Can some verbs be both action and linking verbs?

Yes, taste and feel are two examples of verbs that can be both action and linking.Please taste this stew. (action)It tastes delicious. (linking)Your head feels warm. (linking)Let me feel it again. (action)

How is a verb and a action verb different?

There are two types of verbs. Linking verbs and action verbs. A linking verb is a word like is, from, but action verb shows action of the noun. Jump, skip, hop, sit are action verbs.

What are the two kinds of verbs?

linking verbs and action verbs: linking: is, am ,was, were..... action: eat, looking, jumping

What follows a linking verb or a action verb?

action and linking

Two kinds of verbs-?

The two kinds of verbs are action verbs and linking verbs.

Are linking verbs the same as verbs of being?

No,because the linking verbs are followed by adjectives and verbs shows and action and it's followed by an adverb

When is a linking verb an action verb?

A linking verb is never an action verb. Linking verbs act as an equals sign and connect the subject to a subject complement. Example: That soup is delicious (soup = delicious). Action verbs express the action in a sentence. Example: Mary cookedsoup yesterday.Some verbs can function as linking verbs or action verbs. Taste is one of those verbs.Linking verb: That soup tastes awful (soup = awful).Action verb: Bob tasted the soup, but he didn't like it.

Should action or linking verbs be used more in essay writing?

action verbs

Is the word cover a linking verb?

No. Linking verbs are verbs that are a form of "to be" such as am, is, are, was, were. The verb "cover" is an action verb.

What are the types of verbs?

the tyeps of verbs are action, linking, and helping.Type your answer here...

Is this sentence transitive Sally is very patient with her pesky little brother?

No, transitive verbs are action verbs that have a direct object. Is is the only verb in that sentence, and it is a linking verb. Linking verbs are not action verbs.

Kinds of verbs?

action helping and linking

What are two kind of verbs?

action and linking

What follows a liking or action verb?

what follows a linking or action verb

What are all the types of verbs?

There are three different types of verbs linking, helping, and action verbs.

Is skin a linking verb?

no linking verbs are are not action words or nouns skin is a noun linking verbs are like the words am is was been have beeing become became