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What font is the man vs wild logo?


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2010-05-04 21:55:42
2010-05-04 21:55:42

The font of the logo is in Pandaese.


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The duration of Man vs. Wild is 2700.0 seconds.

Man vs. Wild ended on 2011-11-29.

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my personal opinion is man vs wild is better... :) but somone else might think survivor man so it depends on who you ask.

The host of Man V.S. Wild is Bear Grylls.

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yes he is with him for the whole time!

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Plants vs Zombies created their own fonts in the game. Their font was commonly called as PvZ font or Plants vs Zombies font. There are no other names for that.

Man vs. Wild plays on mostly Mondays. Occasionally, there will be one on a Friday. Usually when it comes on on Fridays it's a new episode.

The episode in Northern Sweden

He dreamed of climbing Mount Everest. Before he was on Man vs Wild he was a chief scout. As he now is on Man vs Wild he also is a Motivatinal Speaker.

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Man vs wild the game is not available in pc and ps2 but you can play this game on pc by dolphin wii emulator ... i m playin by this emulator

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