What font is used on the British passport?

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The font used on a British passport is sans serif font. They used to be in times roman font, however, that had changed in the 1980's.
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How do you get a US passport?

If your town has a passport office, go there. If it is not near you or if your town does not have one, you should apply at the post office. Try the sites in Related Links, below. They will show you where you can get one.

What process do you have to go through to get a British Passport Both your parents were born in the UK and when you were younger you used to have a British Passport?

I'm presuming you're NOT resident in the UK, else you could simply reference your prior passport on a renewal application. Failing that, mail the application with birth docs of your parents to the appropriate UK Embassy that issues passport in your country of resident. In the US, this would be the m ( Full Answer )

Can you apply for a British passport if your grandmother was British?

Answer . In order to qualify as a British citizenship you need a British parent if you were born on or after 1.1.1983. If born before that you need to have been born in Britain or a crown colony and/or have a British parent.. (There are various other categories of British passports, but they don ( Full Answer )

Does a british passport holder need a visa to visit US?

No. A British Citizen is eligible for the Visa Waver Program (VWP). The appropreate form is generally given for you to fill out on the plane... or it can be filled out at the port of entry (Usually your destination airport). You will also fill out a customs declaration at the same time. Being on the ( Full Answer )

Do you need a visa if you have a British passport?

That depends on where you want to travel. British passport does not need a visa to visit the British Virgin Isles, or Canada, or the USA, or Mexico... and many other places.. What country are you interested in? Answer that, and we might be able to help you with more details. Have fun! ;-)

How does a German get a British passport?

\nIf you have a parents that had british citizenship you are eligible for a british passport. Otherwise you have to either marry someone with british citizenship or stay in the country for a certain amount of years (can't remember how many) which is called "naturalization".

Why does a british passport have lion and a unicorn on it?

The lion and unicorn are the supporters of the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom which appear on the cover of British passports. The Lion represents England while the Unicorn represents Scotland.

How are fonts used?

This is a great question with a pretty complicated answer. Basically, fonts are the letterforms used for writing in print documents online. They are used to make a document legible, appropriate, and beautiful. See the Related Links for an article on how fonts are used (in four parts).

What is the difference between a BNO Passport and a full British Passport?

A 'full' British passport is for British Citizens.. A BNO passport is for British Nationals (Overseas) - typically people from Hong Kong who were not granted full British nationality before the 1997 handover to prevent a mass exodus of immigration from Hong Kong to the UK.

Can i use my british passport to travel to Spain after its expiry date?

no way can you travel to any part of Europe now without a passport, not since 9 11 security is tightened so much. one could travel to France with a driving licence at one time too (photo licence) but not now. ihave been told by a travel agent you can travel with a valid passport to Europe as long as ( Full Answer )

Im a british citizen who was born in the states have a parent from each and both passports im moving to the us in 3 weeks what passport do you use?

you can use either since there is a visa waiver program with UK, the problem is that if you enter with the british passport you will be treated as an alien, and you will have to leave the country as a british citizen even if you hold an American citizenship, i know that it doesnt make much sense, bu ( Full Answer )

How can one apply for a British passport?

Go to your nearest Post Office and ask. They will give you an envelope with an application form and a guide to filling it in. For a fee, they will later check your form to make sure you have filled it in correctly.

Can you apply for a British passport if your father is British?

If he is a BRITISH CITIZEN, then you are British yourself by law and can contact the nearest British mission and ask them what documents you need to provide to get your British passport. If your father is just of British ancestry though, the case will become totally different.

Can you use british expired passport as eligibility to work in UK?

NO - its contents have also expired. If you are a UK Citizan you will have a National Insurance Number (NI Number) This will be one of the first requirements an employer must ask for BEFORE accepting you for employment. A British Citizan offering a passport does so as a form of identification. A UK ( Full Answer )

Which fonts are used where?

This all depends on the type of field, what a company is trying to advertise, how to get the message out, etc. If a company wants to be simple, a rounded font such as Gill Sans or Arial may be used. If a company wants to be a company that is known for extreme things, a font such as Stencil or anot ( Full Answer )

What are official observations on a British Passport?


Which is best a british or an Irish passport?

Depends on your point of view. If I wanted a passport that was well known and more likely to "open doors", I'd want a British one. If on the other hand I was going to a place that was a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism I'd want an Irish passport as there would be less chance of getting a bullet in t ( Full Answer )

What font does British Airways use on their logo?

It looks like a custom font. It might be Mylius or Fritz Quadrata. If you want to use them, I doubt you will be able to get your hands on a cheap download-able version.

Do you need a British passport from the UK to Guernsey?

You do not need a passport from UK to Guernsey OR Jersey. TheChannel Islands have been British Dependencies since 1066, as sincethat time, the English Sovereign has always held the title Duke ofNormandy.

What are passports used for and why?

Passports are generally used for Travel and as a form of validIdentification and a proof of nationality. You are admissible to acountry when you hold a passport and the needed other documents toenter like the Visa.

What is the use of passports?

A passport is a Government issued ID and travel document allowing travel to foreign countries.

What is the use of passport?

A passport is A. A government officiated ID. B. In order to travel between countries you need a passport.

Can Palestinians have British passports or get British nationality?

It depends on the particular situation. There are ways to get asylum in the UK, but it is incredibly difficult. There are also people who were born in Palestine and were naturalized UK citizens through the legal processes that all immigrants go through. There are also ethnic Palestinians who are ( Full Answer )

Where can you get your British Passport renewed?

One may be able to get their British Passport renewed at a British Consulate, or American Consulate depending on where one lives. The process to renew the passport is relatively short but has to be very thorough.