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What food affects your heart rate?


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all the sugar go through your veins and from your veins to the blood and the blood to the heart

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Yes It affects Your heart rate.

yes the food you eat affects your heart rate.salt and fatting food also affect your heart rate. fatting foods make your heard pump the blood thru your body so the food can digest! salty food does the same!!

How stress affects your heart rate is when you get all pumped up from being stressed it causes your heart to beat alot faster which affects tour heart rate by increasing it.

because the sugar goes through your vains into your blood the blood drives to your heart and affects our hearts

Dancing affects your heart rate by speeding it up from physical activity.

All physical excersice affects heart rate...

our heart rate is affected due to our activities for example when we are running our heart is beating more faster and when we are sleeping our heart beats at a slower rate

Sugar affects your heart rate by making increase. when you eat the food something called metabolism breaks down the food and turn it into energy. because of all this energy, it makes your heart go up to get rid of some of the energy.

The older one gets, the slower the heart rate, and the higher the chances of death

red bull affects your heart rate by attacking the nervous system

because the nicotine in cigarettes speeds up your lung function which affects your heart rate.

It affects the human heart rate by slowing it down, because I did a science fair experiment on that. :)

Overpopulation affects the rate of food in the world by decreasing its amount.

it affects the heart rate because it will take longer time to circulate blood around the body.

physical activity affects your heart rate because when you exersise your heart beats faster

Heavy metal music affects your heart rate because it is loud and people are screaming

Techno affects a persons heart rate in many ways. 1- techno can cause you to be happyand energetic, so your heart rate increases 2- techno can cause a person to be annoyed due to the repetiton of sounds, therefore, your heart rate may increase or decrease depending on the song

Yes, it speeds up your heart because of the adrenaline you release

Exercise affects pulse rate by speeding up your heart rate. When you are exercising your blood pressure is increasing which is contributing to the speeding up of your heart rate.

Music affects your heart rate in different ways, I don't exactly know how. But heres a link that will clear things up a bit. http://jrscience.wcp.muohio.edu/nsfall05/LabpacketArticles/EffectofMusiconheartrate.html

Yes, sugar does affect your heart rate because the sugar goes through your veins and into your blood, which affects your heart because blood keeps your heart going.

' Ice cream affects your heart rate weirdly by making it increase your heart rate when you eat the ice cream. This happens because of something called your metabolism breaks down the food and turns it into energy, because of all this energy, it makes your heart rate go up to get rid of some of the energy

The reason that spicy food effects the heart rate is mainly because you are scared and exited when you try the hot sauce, causing you to panic, that increases the heart rate. Also the chemicals in it cause your heart rate to rise.

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