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Q: What food are Mexicans forbidden from eating?
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Is eating pooja food forbidden for Muslims?

Eating food offered as pooja is strongly forbidden in Islam as it is first offered to idols.

What drink is usually forbidden when eating Italian food?

milk and coffee

What religious practice listed is not one of the 5 pillars of Islam?

Eating only allowed (halal) food and refraining yourself from eating forbidden(haram) food types. Another example is not drinking alcohols and not gambling.

Do Mexicans enjoy Russian food?

Some Mexicans enjoy Russian food, others do not.

Is it legal to shoot Mexicans if they are eating your ice cream?


Can Godzilla beat god?

yes he can by eating Mexicans

What eating utensils do Mexicans use to eat?

their fingers

What would happen if a Muslim ate food during the month of Ramadan?

Nothing, as long as he/she ate it at night. Only eating in daylight is forbidden.

What are some Forbidden Hinduism things?

Eating beef.

Mexicans were eating pepitas back when they were still Aztecs What are they?

Pumpkin seeds

Why do Mexicans like Chinese food?

All types of people like Chinese food. Mexicans tend to like spicy food and different flavors and Chinese food meets that criteria.

Why is eating non-vegetarian food denied in the Hindu religion but compulsory in Islam?

Beef is prohibited in Hinduism. Though Brahmins are completely forbidden from eating non-vegetarian food, people from different Hindu castes eat non-vegetarian food. It is not compulsory for a Muslim to eat non-vegetarian food. One can be a pure Vegetarian and a true follower of Islam. However, eating pork is prohibited in Islam.