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Q: What force is most important inside a atom?
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Which force is most important inside an atom?

strong nuclear force

The center of an antom?

The center of an atom is the nucleus. Inside an atom you will find neutrons, electrons and protons. The nucleus is the most important part of an atom.

What is our most important energy?

Our most important energy is the force of gravity, which heats the inside of the Earth and keeps its surface habitable. The Sun's heat and light are the next most important.

What is the most important parts of an atom?


Which force of erosion is the most important?

The most important and strongest force of erosion is Water.

Most important characteristic of a carbon atom?

The bonds that carbon form are the most important charicteristic.

What determines how an atom behaves when it encounters another atom?

The electron configuration of an atom determines how it behaves when it comes into contact with another atom.

What is most important force of erosion?


Which subatomic particle is so important?

All are remarkable but in the atom I consider that the most important is the proton.

Where are the valence electrons found in an atom and why are these particular electrons most important to the chemical properties of the atom?


Is most of the volume of an atom empty space?

Yes. One drawing I saw when I was a kid has stuck with me all these years. It showed the nucleus inside an atom, and said it was like a bunch of grapes inside Texas.

What force plays an important role in maintaining the shape of the solar system?

The most important force in maintaining the shape of the solar system is the force of gravity.