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Believe it or not gravity does, or at least it is the main factor in making things turn. Other forces like air resistance and friction do come into the equation but without gravity it wouldn't turn, unless it's electronic.

Also, the speed of which things turn, if not electronic, depends on the momentum that has been built up.

The equation for momentum is: p=mv. Of course, this can be changed to suit what you are trying to find out.

  • p = mv
  • m = v / p
  • v = m / p
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A force that makes things float?

The force that makes things float is called buoyancy.

What is a force that makes things float?

upthrust because it needs that to make it float.

What force makes it harder to move things?

Friction makes it harder to move things.

What force makes things fall downwards?

The force that makes things pull downwards is called "gravity". That's why we don't float when we jump.

What is the force that makes things fall to the ground called?

That is the force of gravity.

Which force makes things fall when they are dropped?

=== ===

What is the force that makes things fall to the earth?


What is the force that makes things fall from earth?


A force which makes things move?

Any force will make things move, as long as there is no other force to counter it. (Such a counter-force may be present in the form of friction.)

What kind of force makes an airplane turn?

The horizontal component of lift.

Do compass needles pointing to direction considered as contact force?

No, magnetism (the force that makes the needle turn) is a non-contact force.

What is the name of the force that makes things that are heavy float?

a dingaling

What does a centripetal force do?

Makes things move in a circular path

What force is pushing up?

Bouyancy... its what makes things float in water.

What is the upward force that makes things float?

it is commonly referred to as "lift" in most things flight-related

What force rubs things away?

Friction makes things (like soles) rub away

What is the force that makes things move?

gravity? inertia? momentum? one of those?

What is physical significance of torqe?

Torque is rotational force, it makes things change direction.

What force makes something sink underwater?

Gravity. It's the same force which pulls things down even without water.

What force causes a convection cell to turn?

the force that causes it is construction force to turn

How do you know when a ghost is haunting you?

You know when a ghost is haunting you its energy makes things move or turn things on an off an you can feel it.

What force makes tray turn in microwave?

It's the mystical force known as "little slow-speed electric motor below the floor of the cooking chamber".

What force makes things move or change?

Any force, as along as its unbalanced. If the object was acted upon a balanced force its velocity would stay the same whether it was moving or not.

How does baking powder make things rise?

Baking powder makes things rise because it reacts with liquids and release CO2.(Carbon dioxide)This in turn makes the dough fluffier, and the air makes the dough expand!

What makes things move but doesn't move itself?

An external force (like magnetic field or gravity)