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The Netherlands has a constituional monarchy.

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Q: What form of government does Netherlands have?
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What form of government is practiced in Amsterdam?

what form of government is practicsd in Netherlands

What form of government is practiced at Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a city in the Netherlands and is therefore subject to the laws and form of government that is practiced in said country. The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy much the same as the United Kingdom.

What is the government in the Netherlands?

Constitutional Monarchy is the government of the Netherlands.

What kind of government does the country the Netherlands have?

Constitutional Monarchy is the governmental form of the Netherlands, with a parliamentary (democratically chosen) House (2nd 'Kamer')

What form of government in Netherlands?

Constitutional monarchy accompanied with a parliamentary democracy. Since 1848.

What can be said about Suriname's government and laws in one sentence?

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is the source of Suriname's form of government and type of laws.

What countries have monarchy form of government?

Great Britain, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark

Who is the head of government in the Netherlands?

the head of government of the Netherlands is queen beatrix

What form of government is practiced in the Netherlands?

Democratic though usually it has a coalition because rarely one party hold a majority.The Netherlands is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy.

Who is the govermant of Netherlands?

consitutional monarchy is the government in Netherlands Yes

Do the Netherlands Antilles have their own government?

They have a governor, but are under rule of the Netherlands

Which city is the seat of governmernt of Netherlands?

The government of the Netherlands is positioned in The Hague.

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