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What form of skin cancer causes blue spots under the skin?


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October 07, 2011 3:27PM


Please let a medical professional see it. I went to a dermatologist who looked at a black or dark blue mark that was not circular, but shaped more or less like a piece of rice. That was not a common, normal mark.

They did a biopsy & results are not back yet, but said the spot I have potentially looks like a classic precancerous mark. I have only one spot like this, and it's not big. But it's different & not something to ignore.

Don't be alarmed, & don't let nonprofessionals attempt to diagnose your mark! See a real dermatologist who's professionally certified to know. Your personal physician likely does not have the right training and expertise. See someone who does for one visit - just to be safe & sure!

Fyi - My biopsies were TOTALLY PAIN FREE! Not what I expected... I was given a shot first to numb the area, had no sensation whatsoever of anything being removed. A tiny sample was all that was needed.

Now I'm comforted knowing if this proves to be bad, it's extremely in a early stage & easily treated. I learned a lot during my exam about what to look for, and likewise what is not of interest... Worth going once for a good appraisal & to learn what to be watching for...

Blue / black spots can mean different things. A properly trained professional can give you the right answer to this question (and even they may need to rely on test results to be certain!).

Call your city health department if you don't have insurance. They may know some way you can get a free screening...? One way or the other, have it checked - just to be safe...