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the most fossil fuel that humans use is the solid fossil fuel. and it is coal

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Q: What fossil fuel do humans use most?
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What liquid fossil fuel do humans use most?


What is the relationship between fossil fuel and humans?

You use it to put fuel in your car and heat your home with the energy it produces.

Which energy source do we use to fuel most our cars trucks and airplanes?

Fossil fuel

.Which energy source do we use to fuel most of our cars trucks and airplanes?

Fossil fuel

What things use the most Fossil Fuel?

Cars , airplanes etc.

Which energy source do you use to fuel most of your cars?

Fossil fuels

Do immigrants cause global warming?

All humans are causing global warming if they drive cars and use electricity, because most of our cars burn fossil fuel, and most of our electricity is generated by burning fossil fuel. All this burning puts carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which is causing global warming.

Why is the sun an alternate source of energy?

That means that humans might use solar energy instead of fossil fuel.

Can you give me any experience on using car supplied by fossil fuel?

Petrol (gasoline) and diesel are types of fossil fuel, and most cars use one of those.

How is fossil fuel oil used by humans?

We use fossil fuel in factories, vehicles, plastic, ovens, machines, pretty much everything. Petroleum is the main source.We burn fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) in industry, transport and the generation of electricity, which releases carbon dioxide (CO2).

Is it true that in the US you use fossil fuels for most of your electric energy?

Coal is the main fuel for electricity.

What will happen if you use fossil fuel?