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Coal and various oils are used to make medicine both in the process and actuality. They are also used to make toothpaste and even cleaning products.

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What fossil fuel is used to make petrol?

petrol is made from the fossil fuel oil

What is the fossil fuel used to make plastic?

The predominate fossil fuel used to make plastic is petroleum or crude oil. It can also be made from coal.

Can fossil fuel be used to make gasoline for autos?

yes there are some fossil fuels used to make gasoline for autos.

Is natural gas the most popular fossil fuel?

No, crude oil used to make Petroleum is the most common type of fossil fuel.

What natural resource is used to make polyester?

Fossil fuel oil.

Is fossil fuel used in making coke?

Yes. Coal is used to make coke.

How is uranium used as a fossil fuel?

Uranium is not a fossil fuel; uranium is used as nuclear fuel for nuclear power reactors.

How long fossil fuel energy has been used?

Fossil fuel has been used for around a million years.

Is fossil fuel used in the making of tires?

Fossil fuel is used in the making of most everything, the answer to your question is yes.

What happens to fossil fuel rods that are used to create nuclear fission?

You have a misapprehension there, it is uranium oxide that is used in fuel rods, not fossil fuel

How are fossil fuels used for transport?

fossil fuel is used in vehicles for transportation.

What is the fossil fuel wood used for?

Wood is not a fossil, it is biomass

Can food be used as a fossil fuel?


Is nuclear a fuel or a fossil fuel?

Nuclear energy is not a fossil fuel or any fuel at all. Radiation is used to create energy. The energy is "the Fuel" petroleum

Is bauxite a fossil fuel?

No. Bauxite is a mineral. It can not be used for fuel.

How do humans use fossil fuel?

There are many different uses for fossil fuels. They are burned in industry and transport, and in the generation of electricity. They are used in the production of plastics, to make toothpaste, for heating homes, powering cars, making medicine, powering airplanes, and processing rubber. There are various other uses for fossil fuels, as well.

What type of rock is used as fuel?

im not sure this is rock,but fossil fuel is used as fuel,or coal.

Why does fuel fit in fossil fuels?

Fuel fits in fossil fuels because it is oil or fossil fuels which are used as fuel. Fuel isn't necessarily petrol , it is anything that powers something, like weetbix is a fuel for your body.

What fossil fuel requires the most energy before it can be used as a fuel?

The fossil fuel that requires the most energy before it can be used as a fuel is the natural gas. Coal and oil are fossils that will not require so much energy to used as fuel.

What does biofuel do?

Bio fuel is basically fuel but instead of using fossil fuel to make it, you use matter to make it (for example: vegetable oil can be used to produce Bio-fuel.PS: You should use

Which fossil fuel is used most?


What fossil fuel is used for cooking?

fossil fuel is not edible so you cannot use it for cooking. But the heat energy generated on combustion of fossil fuel can be used for cooking. 575tur6 . Gas and coal and oil, in various parts of the world.

What is the least used fossil fuel?

Oil is the least used.

What is the liquid fossil fuel what types of product are made from it?

Oil, which is used to make gasoline, jet fuel, asphalt, wax, plastics, and other chemicals.

True or false oil is the fossil fuel which will run out first?

Fossil fuels are organic materials used for burning to produce energy. It is false that oil is the fossil fuel that will run out first. It is believed that coal will be the first fossil fuel to run out.

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